Glock 19
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Shooting the Glock 19. Check out Glock 19 (Chapter 2), as well as my videos of other popular Glock models. By the way, since I discovered Talon Grips, I have those on all my Glocks. See my video-related pictures at the Facebook link on my Home Page. Also, since this is one of the most popular / common carry guns for both civilians and cops in the country (NYC cops, for example), it stands to reason that a bad guy would use it, too, now and then, just as they did with the Colt Peacemaker back in the 1800s. This gun, as well as many other Glock models, is responsible for keeping millions of people safe from the bad guys. Sorry, to interject logic if you happen to be someone whose life and opinions are driven by sensationalism and emotion rather than thinking. -)
Added on Mar 17, 2011 by Robglock
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  Glock  19  Glocking  compact  shooting  semiauto  pistol  9mm  firearms  guns  steel  targets  training  rapid  fire  speed 
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