Law Enforcement Training, "One With The Gun" by Nutnfancy, LETC Actual Pt 1
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Part 1 of LETC Actual Series: A crucible of tactical shooting, LETC provides excellent instructors, challenging courses of fire, ample learning opportunities, LOTS of shooting, and some great food. TNP guest shooter OfficerJared and I took a day to go and shoot and film in's Law Enforcment Training Camp in Utah, September 2010. It was held in some beautiful high canyon areas in the mountains, just starting to change into fall colors. Due to pressing career commitments I got there late but received a red carpet welcome from's Jerrod and crew. AT targets have been reviewed and highly recommened by me in TNP and many have sold briskly from this publicity (selling out in 48 hours with the debut of the "Armored Steel" video These targets are favored and useful gun testing tools in TNP and I was glad to see them integrated into this range as well. Shooting steel is fun, instantly reactive, and simple to proctor. OJ and I jump right into advanced portion of the "Shooting Reactive Steel for Speed and Accuracy" taught by Peter Tarley (LETC Police Training Division). Drills are single, to double, then triple taps using pneumatic steel for timing. Unfortunately OJ's Kimber chokes again (!) and we suspect magazine problems. My Springfield XDM9 turns in an impressive performance with 100% and is deadly accurate. Glocks in attendance also run with perfection (Actual Part 1). A great lunch hosted by AT gives us a quick rest and then we book it up to Kyle Schmidt's (Safariland Shooting School) "Patrol Rifle/Carbine Course," integrating off-hand, prone, kneeling, standing, multiple target, barricade rapid fire drills (LETC Actual Pt 2 and on). Times to make these shot are abbreviated and good habits pay off here. Again we join the course mid-way in and struggle balancing our roles as both shooters and cameramen. Somehow it works out well. I run both the Tactical Mini-14 (just to freak their mind cones) and then the RRA "Entry Tactical" AR-15; OJ his duty 12" M4 duty gun. We see some serious AR-15 reliability problems but our platforms all run with perfection and 100% reliability. OJ has to leave halfway through the course so I soldier on alone. While juggling cameras and thinking my gun was clipped into the sling, I shockingly I drop the AR onto the concrete section (safety on, unloaded), right onto the scope and it loses zero. Back to the Mini I go and I shoot with it better than before. Along the way I record some excellent techniques (some heard in TNP before) and tactical shooting tips from LETC instructor staff. This was just one day of shooting and I did the best I could knocking down some good vids for the TNP worldwide audience; this "Actual" Series as usual shows the details of the shooting event. Actiontarget's LETC represents excellent value in the field of tactical shooting instruction and practice and it will expand and improve in the years to come (like mounted and unmounted vehicle operations). Thanks to Jerrod and the gang at for a great training event and the outstanding hospitality shown to TNP.////////////////////////// Music:
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