(Real Gun) Glock 21 .45 ACP 3rd Generation.
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Shots with the Austrian Glock 21, .45 ACP, 3rd generation. The cartridges I used were 230 grains. The brand is "Sellier & Bellot", I think it's a czech brand. I've been to Czech Republic half a year ago, in Prague. Great country. I'm not sure that Glocks are the best guns to handle the .45 ACP. It's too light, making the recoil strong in your hand. I think the 9mm version is better. Good grip, easy to use. I think that Glocks are great weapons for law enforcement, because they are safe and simple. No safety lever you need to worry about, no hammer which could bother you, no need to worry about double or single action... You draw, you aim, you shoot. You stay alive. But I hate the "safe action" of the Glock. It just feels weird. The trigger pull is too long, too heavy, and I don't like the feeling of the trigger safety. The accuracy is good though. I'm not ashamed of my target.
Added on Mar 18, 2011 by Robglock
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