Girls Shooting Guns an AK and some tannerite
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Shooting the AK and first time using Tannerite exploding targets. Girls shooting guns get a big surprise and blew the head off this dummy. Target shooting and practice has never been more fun. We say goodbye to an old friend in this video and also a great hat. We shot some other weapons today too. My sister got a new 9mm Ruger, shot it and a new AR along with my trusty 38 Air weight by Smith & Wesson. Saved that footage for another time and my sister will be uploading some footage on her own channel over at
Added on Jul 26, 2012 by gund
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  Shooting  guns  tannerite  tanerite  girls  shooting  and  women  hot  target  practice  exploding  targets  AK  AR  Ruger  9mm  Smith  Wesson  38  air  weight  firearms  range  expolsion 
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