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If you're tactically oriented like we tend to be in TNP, you will like these guns. I pick my favorites from the LWRC rack and we take it to the back room to have AJ cover the details on these cool looking high performing piston AR-15s. Proven in extensive testing in TNP with these LWRC carbines run 100%. They are constantly evolving into even better guns and for years LWRC has been the choice for some serious LE and Military users. Here we look at the Tricon Mk 6, M6 IC, IC SPR, and some other new guns for 2012. Most of these guns wear their attractive FDE CeraKote finishing that is currently a $150 upcharge. Also you note the new forged rail attachment system in the IC that competed in the military trials. It's a cool feature but I wouldn't feel inadequate running the old style at all; very proven. Also we see their entry level gun featuring all standard LWRC nickel boron internals and a .62 tapering Nicorr finished barrel: The Base Model. Their .308 REPR is still heavy for me but on par with other designs like the DMPS, Remingtion, LaRue, and JP. It's CNC bolt carrier is Teflon coated and it has a left mounted charging handle that you will either love or hate. Their Skirmish Sights and LWRC Ambi Charging handle are well designed and I'd love running them on my guns and they're about the same price as other alternatives. TacticalDoodle succumbs to LWRC lust in the end but we keep him from walking away with one or two of these fighting rifles. After another exhausting day at SHOT, AJ hangs in there to score another cool booth review on guns I love. //////////////////////////See my review on the M6 series for even greater details that most of these guns share in common: ///////////////////////Music Licensed from Jason Shaw
Added on Feb 3, 2012 by Robglock
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