NUTNFANCY SHOT 2012: Rock River Arms!
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How about an AR-15 that takes AK mags? You got it. We take a look at the new RRA LAR-47 that does just that. If it's like the other Rock River Arms AR-15 it will be reliable, accurate, and durable. We have found this to be the case with all things RRA from extensive shooting in The Nutnfancy Project for over four years. Keystone runners in TNP have been the Entry Tactical and Elite Operator2 LAR-15 models. On some days, they will achieve near MOA accuracy even with military ball ammunition and we've seen no parts failures on them. Up the hitting power of your RRA by going to any number of calibers including 6.8 SPC, .243 Rem, .458 SOCOM, or 7.62x51mm. The receiver and internals remain the same as you make decisions on barrel length, muzzle finishing, handguards, and stocks. The triggers pull fast and clean (shown in intro in tactical carbine course) and keep up with just about all others in my mileage. They are available separately along with a full line of proprietary RRA gun accessories like their excellent $35 muzzle brake. And while some mfrs get carried away in their pricing levels, RRA in 2012 remains well-grounded. And they they improve their lineup when the customers call for it (just like the newer generations of handguards, shown). They are just great guns that work and do it for less. Some pretty uncool interruptions occur like a dude pulling a gun off the wall right in front of Steve while he's talking to the camera (edited out) and then a guy demanding for the interview to end so he can ask Steve a question. But I work through these to bring you an excellent look at the RRA line from their key expert. It remains a high performing brand in black rifles that often sets industry value standards.
Added on Feb 3, 2012 by Robglock
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