Gen 4 Glock 19 and Glock 22 G19 G22 Out of the Box
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Sorry! This is my first firearms video. I know there are much more professional videos out there, but I just wanted to show off my new 19 and 22 Glocks. Just to make sure I didn't make a mistake on the video, they are $397.99 new cash or $412.00 credit, but the location where a purchased them REQUIRES that you are active duty or retired military or law enforcement (ID REQUIRED). This was the price effective December 10, 2010. I'll try make a short video of the Glocks stripped for cleaning within a few days.
Added on Feb 3, 2012 by Robglock
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  Glock  19  22  G19  G22  9mm  .40  .40SW  new  box  Gen3  Gen4  gun  guns  handgun  handguns  weapon  weapons  sidearm 
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