Deleted Scenes (Hickok45)
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My son BigJohn88tn compiled this video comprised of mostly just unposted material (for various reasons). He loves to dig this stuff out and embarrass me. You might have seen a little of it or some things like it. Now, I know what you're thinking! It's pretty hard to imagine something so weak that I wouldn't post it. After all, look at some of the stuff we post! :-) Yeah, you're right, so I let Big John go ahead and glue some of this together and post it. The Arntzen target package was real, and we thought opening it with a firearm would make a cool video, much like the "Christmas Surprise" ; however, this thing WAS wrapped for BEAR! Guess Arntzen doesn't want those fragile targets to come unwrapped and be damaged by a postal worker! :-)
Added on Apr 8, 2011 by gund
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  Glock  27  Semiautomatic  guns  firearms  shooting  bullets  targets  Glocking  Smith  Wesson  SW  .44  Magnum  M1  Carbine  Flintlock  leaf  blower  Honda  Element 
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