Rapid Fire with Hickok45
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Another Montage put together by my son, bigjohn88tn, of Hickok45 giving financial support to the ammunition industry! This is for my loyal viewers who might just need a small dose of "ballistic intensity" before work, or after work with a cool, refreshing beverage! Photobucket: http://s83.photobucket.com/albums/j309/hickok45/Hickok45%20Firearms%20Pics/
Added on Apr 8, 2011 by gund
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  Speed  shooting  rapid  fire  guns  firearms  seme-automatic  Remington  870  Benelli  Super  90  Glock  26  27  30  19  23  20  29  Glocking  Glockers  M1-A  M1  Carbine  Flintlock  Brown  Bess  Percussion  Enfield  Rifle  AR-15  M4  slugs  Smith  Wesson  .44  Magnum  1911  Colt  Model  629  Double  Barrel  Stoeger  shotgun  revolver  Single  action  cylinder  slide 
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