Ruger 10/22: The Everyman's Rifle, Part 1
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Part 1 of 2: Every shooter in the US should own a Ruger 10/22 (and I wish my overseas viewers could too!). It is the everyman's, all-around .22 rifle. It shocks me when I find one that doesn't! That's because it provides immense enjoyment and capabilities for such a low cost. Even out-of-box, the venerable 10/22 is accurate, very reliable, tough, ergonomic, lightweight, easy to use and carry, and most of all, fun! It continues to be an extremely successful Ruger design, having sold well over 5 million copies (and still going strong). It has out-sold and out-survived many other .22 designs to include the Remington Nylon 66. The 10/22 has always represented amazing value. That's because for a reasonable price you are getting a rifle that will probably last your entire lifetime. My circa 1976 10/22 (shown) was given to me as a young man by my Dad and has adventured with me in the swamps of Florida and Alabama, the woods of Virginia, Montana, and Washington, the plains of North Dakota, and in the deserts of Utah, eastern Oregon, Arizona, and Idaho. And it's still going strong! There are fancier and equally as-fun .22 rifles available but the 10/22s excel in most areas (and several cool Distributor Exclusive 10/22s abound, like the shown French walnut stocked TALO version) and provide unmatched versatility for the user. The 10/22 has a modular, simple design that makes upgrades to the trigger, bolt, magazine, stock, barrel, and sighting systems easy (many options shown in this Nutnfancy vid series). And because millions have sold, there is a plethora of wonderful and high quality accessories available for the 10/22. Downsides are few but include the lack of last-shot hold open and perhaps the tricky (for some!) bolt hold open design (easily upgraded). But these drawbacks are minor and the gun just gets it done. As a benchrest one-hole shooter, vermin hunter, plinker, survival gun, "Run 'n Gunner," training rifle, project gun, or valued heirloom gift to your kids: The Ruger 10/22 does it all and does it well . It is a staple here at TNP and I give it my highest recommendation. /////////////////// Nutnfancy Likeability Scale: 11 out of 10 ///////////// PART 1 INCLUSIONS: History, Size and Weight , Firepower review and mag options, and Accuracy
Added on Mar 17, 2011 by Robglock
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