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NUTNFANCY SHOT 2012: Ruger SP-101 in .22!

A quick look at what should be another Ruger homerun: the SP-101 in .22 caliber. This 8 shot DA revolver will be a recreational favorite AND a perfect trainer for your centerfire SP-101 .357 Mag. It has excellent sights and the typical "industrial" trigger Ruger always puts on its revolvers. But it is a more affordable option to the S&W Models 63/317/617 .22 revolvers with most of their quality. Also it should be more accurate and reliable than the Taurus .22 revolvers, so it fills a need in the market. A quick look at the new for 2012 SP-101 Model 5771 with it's 4.2" barrel follows and it too is a big win: perfect barrel length for many POUs, outstanding adjustable sights. Finally I show my love for the Ruger Single Ten!/////////Great response video below from TNPr showing his shooting of the SP-101 .22

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